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15 January 2011 @ 04:10 pm
Fic: A Paradox in Waiting  

Sneak preview of Prologue and Banner for my Torchwood/Casimir Effect fiction which I shall start posting in February ... to every Torchwood fiction site I can manage!

Banner by cjharknessgirl - but if anyone else has any artwork they'd like me to incorporate within the fic please let me know. The more images we have of the CE characters the better to enable readers to picture the people who will inhabit this work of fiction.

Copyright for the images used belongs to Casimir Productions.

A Paradox in Waiting


Yet another test had been unsuccessful, or so it seemed. A tall, handsome man wearing a dark suit with a striking red tie and another, older man, in military attire exchanged looks, one demanding answers, the other shaking his head in disappointment. Wordlessly they turned their backs and walked away, not waiting for the two people in white lab coats to finish powering down the equipment. They were half way out of the area when a sudden flare of incandescent white light cast threw dark shadows ahead of them. The man in the military coat shoved the other man out of the way as the air filled with the crackling sounds of electricity, that and a heart wrenching wail of despair.  


When they scrambled back to their feet and scanned the area to see what had happened the smoke was clearing enough to see the woman crouching over an unconscious figure on the floor, an expression of fear on her usually impassive face.


“Bob! Speak to me. Bob? What’s happened to you?”




Meanwhile, in an underground base tucked away under what had been the Oval Basin dock in Cardiff, there was chaos as a klaxon rang out signalling the imminent operation of the rift machine, a sound they all hoped never to hear again. It appeared as if it was being remotely accessed, something which Captain Jack Harkness had thought impossible.


“Tosh! What’s going on? Shut that damn thing down-”


“I’m trying… oh my God!” Tosh yelled out, as she watched the gauges on the monitor go wild. “Everyone get out of the way!”


“Hit the deck!!” Jack shouted.


The glare of the rift flare blinded them all and it was only as the fumes dissipated that they could see that one of the team had been caught up in whatever had happened.


Jack ran to the side of the man on the floor, frowning in confusion as he got closer and saw that the figure was dressed in a white lab coat. He looked up sharply to see that Owen was running towards him. He could have sworn that it was Ianto that had been closest to the rift controller when it had malfunctioned.


Rolling the unconscious man onto his back, it looked like Ianto, but with longer hair and a beard that definitely hadn’t been there earlier that morning.


“What the hell happened to you, Ianto?”




Jenthebuttonontop on January 16th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
OOOOOOH! *hangs head in shame* i forgot the banner.the one you've got looks amazing though.

oh i'm now on the edge of my seat and want more more more. Lovin the crossover... what a glorious idea. Is it February yet?

Gods I can't wait for Casimir.
snufflesdbear (Tamy)(Allie the Sylum Gator): SnufflesPnkHarmlesssnufflesdbear on January 16th, 2011 02:18 am (UTC)
OMG! FEBRUARY! I read that as FRIDAY. Damned dyslexia. :-( I got more new fic to read (have to step away from cracked.com! ), so should not complain. ;-)