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casimir_effect's Journal

Casimir Effect film
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Fan community for Casimir Effect
Casimir wide

Casimir Effect is a "no-budget" indie film and this community is so we, as fans, can help spread the word... Casimir Effect is a sci-fi story featuring time travel and will star Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood) and Neil Rayment (The Matrix Reloaded)

The aim of the comm is to provide somewhere we can exchange ideas on how to promote Casimir Effect; this could be arranging meet-ups, asking for suggestions on what you can do, or passing on advice if you've had any successes. At this point anything's possible!

The "rules"
- At the moment we're keeping it simple, we're trusting members to be sensible :-)
- All we ask is that there's no bashing, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if you disagree please do it politely
- We'd also like you to keep negativity to a minimum; this community is about fans taking positive action
- Posts must either be about or relevant to Casimir Effect
- All large images must be behind a cut (for the benefit of those of us with slow internet connections)
- Please tag your posts

Casimir cast

All graphics used on this comm are from the Casimir Effect website with character sketchs drawn by kinky_chichi
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